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Now our team can provide the factory unlock code for all Huawei devices, including V4, V5, and phones. Means, if your device is asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code, then it can be unlocked without changing the firmware.

Since these codes directly come from Huawei server, there is no chance to be wrong. If a code will be not available at Huawei server, then full refund will be provided. You can request unlock code for any Huawei smartphones/modems/routers/gateways/tablets from here.

If you will submit code for Huawei phone then you may get all level of codes including reset key. If requests made for Huawei modem or router, you will get only SIMlock or unlock code.

There are some special services also, in which you will get only NCK / SIMLock Unlock Code.