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How to Unlock LG with SIM Unlock Code?
1. Power off the phone.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Eject the SIM card from the device.

4. Insert any other operator SIM card.

5. Switch On the phone.

6. The display should prompt to enter the unlock code / NCK.

7. Type the correct code which is provided by mysimunlock.net.

8. Now your LG phone should be network-free.

Procedure II

1. Switch ON the phone with the original carrier SIM card.

2. Dial 2945#*model-number# (Note: If phone model is LG KB936 then combination will be *936#. If device model is KU999 then combination will be *999#).

3. A menu should pop up >> select SIM Unlock or Network Lock.

4. Enter your NCK code here which is provided by mysimunlock.net and hit OK.

5. Your phone may automatically reboot.

6. Now LG is unlocked.

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