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How to Unlock Nokia?
Every Nokia phone provides only 3 unlocking attempts, so don’t get the phone unlocking counter blocked by free codes. Once you will try 3 times with wrong codes, the unlock code counter will be blocked permanently.

1. Switch Off the phone.

2. Remove the original carrier SIM card from the device.

3. Turn on the phone without any SIM card.

4. Enter the following sequence like a phone number :

#pw+unlock code+1#

Note: Characters p, w, and + can be generated by pressing the *(star) symbol a couple of times.

5. A message will appear on the screen “SIM restriction OFF”.

Now you have successfully unlocked your Nokia phone and it is now network-free.

Second Method:

1. Turn On the Nokia with an unacceptable SIM card.

2. A menu should pop up to “Insert the code“.

3. Key-in the SIM Unlock code which is provided by mysimunlock.net.

Now your phone is unlocked forever.