How to Unlock Huawei E5220s-2?

Unlocking of Huawei E5220s-2 router is possible using the sim unlock code as can provide the correct unlock code. Means, if the Huawei E5220s-2 is asking for SIMLock code after changing the SIM card then unlocking is possible. Unlocking means making the device network-free. Unlocking is one-time work, but after unlock you can use all the SIM cards around the world.

How long we need to wait for a Huawei unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for a Huawei unlock code is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time for a Huawei unlock code is 30 minutes (based on last 200 orders).

How to Unlock Huawei E5220s-2 Router?

1. Turn off the Huawei E5220s-2.

2. Remove the default SIM card from the device.

3. Input any unacceptable SIM card.

4. Plug the device to PC using its WiFi or LAN or USB cable.

Note: If the device supports USB cable then after connecting to the PC, you will notice a virtual CD-ROM under My Computer. Run the setup file from CD-ROM in PC.

5. It will automatically open the default page of the router ( / /

Note II: In case, it does not browse for its default IP address, try to restart the PC and router also.

6. Login to the Huawei E5220s-2 with admin privilege.

Note III: To get the login details refer the user manual.

7. It should redirect you to the unlocking page, where you will find an option to enter the code with a name of NCK / SIMLock Code / Unlock Code. If not prompted to enter the unlock code then check the option under the Settings of the device.

8. Enter the correct code of Huawei E5220s-2 which is provided by

9. Click Apply / OK.

10. Once the code is accepted by the router, it will be unlocked permanently.

Note IV: The Huawei E5220s-2 may be rebooted to display the network. Wait for a few minutes to see the network, if not, then again reset the device and check.

11. Now, create a new profile according to the new SIM card.

12. Connect to the internet.

If the above-mentioned procedure does not work for you, let me know before placing the order.