How to unlock Alcatel MW12?

SIM Unlock Code of Alcatel MW12 is available at Ours unlock code generating system is independent of the network and country. Means, you can place the order for any network and country locked Alcatel MW12 router. You might already know that if your device is locked to a particular network, then you can not use any another carrier SIM card. Once the modem is network-free, you can use the default SIM card as well as any another network provider SIM card.

If your device is prompting for NCK or SIMLock Code after changing the SIM card, then it can be easily unlocked. Unlocking of the Alcatel MW12 by SIM Unlock code is the easiest and fastest method. It does involve any software or firmware change, means you will not loose the warranty of the router.

Unlocking of Alcatel MW12 is very easy and have to do only once. There is no need to enter the unlock code every time you change the SIM card.

How long we need to wait for an NCK code of Alcatel modem or router?

The approximate delivery time for Alcatel Modem and Router is 10 minutes to 8 hrs.

The average response time is 30 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock Alcatel MW12 Router with SIM Unlock Code?

How to Enter Unlock Code in Alcatel MW12?

1. Switch Off the Alcatel MW12 router.

2. Remove the battery, if applicable.

3. Remove the original operator SIM card from the device.

4. Insert any other operator SIM card.

5. Power On the device.

6. Connect to PC with USB cable or WiFi.

** If you have connected to PC with USB cable, then browse Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM and install the setup file in PC.

7. A web page with address or will be opened automatically.

8. It will ask for the login details.

9. Login to the device with admin/password.

10. It will prompt for NCK / SIMlock / Unlock code.

11. Enter the SIM unlock code which is provided by

11. Click OK/Apply.

12. Once the code is accepted by Alcatel MW12 router, it will be network-free. Just create a new profile according to the new SIM card and connect to the internet.